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Updates - Issue #1

Daron Yondem
Daron Yondem
Here we go! Welcome to the new version of my randomly sent spontaneous newsletter 😃 First, let me explain what is happening. At some point, you have subscribed to one of my newsletters, Turkish or English. I had those separately hosted on MailChimp. I’m sure you don’t remember when you subscribed because you probably did not get an email from me for months 😊 Not sure if the frequency will change, but I hope I can streamline this process more with the integrations Revue provides. So, here we are in a merged list with everyone in here. 
This will be an English newsletter. When I have some Turkey-specific events to announce, I will still put them here. I will pretty much follow the same practice I do on Twitter. Hopefully, that should work here as well. Let’s go.

Upcoming Speaking
Interesting Azure News
Azure Container Apps are coming strong! This is a space to keep an eye on. ACA (Azure Container Apps) will save us from the complexities of Kubernetes but still give us enough freedom to resign multi-container apps. 
I have always been in love with CosmosDB; now the autoscaling entry RU requirement is being lowered drastically. This is huge in terms of having CosmosDB in small workloads and still being able to accommodate spikes. 
From my blog
This is all for this round 😊 See you on the next one 😉
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Daron Yondem
Daron Yondem @daronyondem

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